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On-Line Violin Lessons with Beverly Gilyeart

On-Line Violin Lessons are an effective alternative to studio instruction

Violin students have always benefited from traditional in-person training. There is no substitute for skilled accompaniment and the recital experience. Still, beyond all of that lies the real work, the personal long term commitment to detail, the learning and the practice, the physical training necessary to master the proper classical technique demanded by the violin. On-line instruction can help, it excels at bringing attention to detail into focus.

Beverly started on-line teaching right at the start of the covid-19 crisis. As she adapted her own teaching style to help her students she discovered new benefits within the on-line learning process. For some students, the camera appeared to help maintain their concentration. Recently, Beverly has recorded “Instructional Practice Videos” to augment the on-line sessions. These video clips are “personalized instructional/play-along recordings,” featuring the music from the session with tempo matching the student’s current skill level. The videos are hosted on Youtube. An example of a recent video is shown below.

On-line violin instruction is the only effective solution we have for now. Once we return to our studios, some on-line lessons may continue as an option. Beverly expects to continue offering on-line lessons for “out-of-range” students and missed lessons due to schedule conflict, illness or travel.
Beverly’s Zoom Studio
Beverly’s Zoom Studio in South Everett features a 27” computer that hosts the Zoom app, a studio quality condenser microphone, and an audio mixer to combine the incoming student audio and the room sound which includes her voice and her violin. This setup is directly connected to the internet cable modem bypassing the WiiFii to insure a clean signal.

There are many on-line meeting apps on the market, Skype, FaceTime, Life-size, JoinMe, GoToMeeting, etc., however ZOOM is the most popular at the moment. Most important, ZOOM appears to have the best audio control features, essential to making violin music even feasible on a meeting app. See, “Setting Up Your Own Zoom Studio For Violin Lessons” below:
Instructional Practice Video
Rieding Concertino in B minor 1/4 = 56
These recordings are uploaded to Youtube and they include metronome sound (visual metronome coming soon).
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Setting up your computer for violin instruction

With your ZOOM app installed, there are six extra steps that you need to take to make sure you are sending out the best sound you can during your violin lessons. The screens shown below are Apple Mac, however, the PC versions look and work the same. Note: not all of these features are available on phones, iPads and tablets. You can still use these devices depending on your situation, they often maintain a better connection when WiiFii bandwidth is marginal.
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Click on the New Meeting icon to get to the meeting window.
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In this window you will see yourself if the camera is on. The RED slash across the camera icon indicates that the camera is off, so make sure both the mic and camera are ON when you start your lesson. Click on the up arrow next to the Mic icon to go to the Settings Menu.
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Step 3 - very important. This box must be OFF (blank). This is an automatic gain control. It turns the mic off if the sound isn’t loud enough. So, if you play softly at the start of your bowing, your instructor will hear nothing.
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Step 5 - These are sound processing features that are designed for voice clarity in meetings, but it only screws up violin music. Step 6 is a control the turns on a handy indicator you will be able to see during your lessons without coming back to these Settings screens. This feature is available on iPhone and iPad under “Settings / Meetings,” so make sure it is on when using these devices as well. We want original sound ON. Close the Settings window.
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This is the handy indicator mentioned in the last step. If you are setting up these settings for the first time this indicator will say “Turn on Original Sound.” We want the sound coming from the mic to be pure, no processing or compression, etc. We want Original Sound ON, so Click to turn it ON.
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During your sessions glance at this little notice once-in-a-while to make sure it reads “Turn off Original Sound.”
(Confusing human factors design, but we can deal with it)
Once these settings are made, you should not have to set them up again unless you delete the app and start over or accidentally change the settings.

"Learn to play the violin with success...
from the beginning."

Game of Thrones (at home)

With the stay-at-home policy in place, one of Beverly’s students decided to pass the time by producing his own version of the theme from “Game of Thrones.” Problem was, Dali was by himself, all alone. So, he had to perform every role in his production himself: writing, producing, conducting, shooting, sound mixing, video post, the whole violin section, the drums, even the chorus.