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Custom Made Professional Dance Outfits
"The secret to looking like the pros on "Dancing With the Stars" is the dress.
Well... also the talent, thoudands of hours of practice and dance lessons."

Blue Latin, Professional Dance Outfit:
Designed by Jean Milano

Professional International Dance Champion and Instructor
Dresses like this are worn for Latin and American Rhythm competitions. This class of dance includes Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, Jive and others. Like all of the dresses on this page, this dress was designed for a particular competition and was actually worn only once or twice. As a result it is in excellent condition and looks brand new.
Red Ballroom, Professional Dance Outfit:
Designed by Jean Milano

This dress is used in International Standard and American Smooth competition. Typically these dresses are heavily ornamented with rhinestones and sequence. It is not unusual for these dresses to cost in the thousands of dollars when new.
Black Latin, Professional Dance Outfit:

This is a two piece dress with teardrop center reveal and closed collar. The skirt features asymetrical tails with an elegant fringe heavily populated with sequins.

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